Camping with swimming pool
in Perpignan

Le Cala Gogo campsite with swimming pool in Perpignan offers you a relaxing seaside holiday, just twenty minutes from Perpignan in the Pyrénées-Orientales region. The five-star establishment boasts a large pool area with heated pools and solarium, as well as waterslides, a heated whirlpool and a paddling pool for children. It’s the ideal place for a family vacation with your feet in the water, at a Camping with an aquatic complex and various swimming pools.

espace aquatique perpignan

A 600 m² aquatic area

The aquatic area and outdoor pool are a place of relaxation and leisure for adults and children alike. It welcomes you to a setting that could not be more enchanting. The area around the swimming pool is planted with trees, providing an ideal spot to recharge your batteries.

Residents of Camping Perpignan avec piscine have several swimming areas at their disposal. The most important of these is undoubtedly our heated pools.

Whether you’re looking to relax after a day’s hiking or enjoy an afternoon with family and friends, the pool is the place to be. It’s also the perfect place to work up a sweat.

After perfecting your crawl, treat yourself to some well-deserved relaxation on the solarium around the pool. This relaxation area is particularly popular with campers, many of whom enjoy the shade of the straw huts.

L’espace aquatique de votre camping Perpignan pas cher comprend également des espaces de baignade pour les enfants, les adolescents et pour toute la famille.

Children can have fun or cool off safely in the heated paddling pool, under adult supervision. This shallow pool is a great place for youngsters to interact, as is the mini club. The same goes for the slide, where laughter and splashing are the order of the day.

children's pool
Water activities

Camping Perpignan with water park

Que ce soit pour se détendre après une journée riche en activités, ou pour s’amuser avec les enfants ou des amis, l’espace aquatique est le lieu idéal. Le camping Le Cala Gogo est réputé pour la qualité et la modernité de ses infrastructures. Et c’est aussi valable pour celles qui composent l’espace aquatique.

For moments of relaxation, for example, massaging jets will delight campers. They can also enjoy the shade of the straw huts – and the beauty of the scenery they create – around the heated pool. Children are not to be outdone. Camping Perpignan with swimming pool is one of the few outdoor establishments in the region with a heated paddling pool.

Les espaces de baignade réservés aux plus jeunes leur permettront de s’amuser avec d’autres enfants sans trop s’éloigner de votre location mobil-home Perpignan. Avec les jeux d’eau et les toboggans, ils ne risquent pas de s’ennuyer pendant leurs vacances dans les Pyrénées-Orientales.

Camping heated pool perpignan

A supervised swimming pool

During the months of July and August, there is a lifeguard on duty. Children’s bathing areas are therefore safe for them to enjoy in complete safety.

La présence des surveillants du camping Perpignan Le Cala Gogo ne saurait cependant suffire si le règlement intérieur concernant l’espace aquatique n’était pas respecté.

For example, it’s important for an accompanying adult to keep an eye on the children while they’re having fun in the paddling pool or on the slide.

Camping Perpignan with heated pools

The heated swimming pools are one of the most popular relaxation areas for campers. Some people take to the water to decompress after a sporting activity.

If, for example, you’re planning to take part in one of the many sports tournaments organized by the resort’s entertainers, you’ll probably want to spend a few minutes in the heated pool after you’ve had a good workout. The heated pool is also a space where you can swim laps to perfect your crawl, for example.

Camping Perpignan with swimming pool promises a wonderful seaside vacation, with a variety of activities for discovery, relaxation and sport. And the aquatic area plays an important role in this.

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