Cala Gogo Early Booking Offer
in Saint Cyprien

With Cala Gogo’s Early Booking offer, the earlier you book, the better prepared you are for your vacation. Benefit froma 10% discount on your mobile home for all bookings made before 29/02/2024.

The Cala-Gogo also offers a number of other ADVANTAGES:

  • You can choose your own pitch or mobile home. It’s so nice to be able to choose where to put your suitcases, and to be next to old friends to share good times.
  • The guarantee of being able to cancel or postpone your stay free of charge up to 30 days before arrival with the Sérénité guarantee (special covid – see GTC) or the Zen guarantee (see GTC).
  • Payment in instalments, with the balance due one month before your arrival, to keep your budget under control
  • Flexibility of arrival days at different times of the year for stress-free travel

Early Booking until 28/02/2023 is the promotion you need for a well-planned stay in a sunny region on the Camping selected by the family, at the best price! Don’t wait any longer!

I’m enjoying it now

Serenity” cancellation guarantee in the event of COVID

The SÉRÉNITÉ guarantee is automatically applied at the time of booking. It is FREE in the following cases:

  • You or someone on your contract is suffering from coronavirus (on presentation of a medical certificate only)
  • If you live in a confinement zone that prevents you from going to the Camping
  • Camping Cala-Gogo is located in a containment area.

In these circumstances, you have 2 options:


(For information, during the 2020 season, all our customers, at their request, benefited from these conditions.)

However, such cancellation or postponement may not give rise to the payment of damages. The request must be made by e-mail or post only for your file to be considered (subject to availability in the case of a postponement).

Zen” cancellation guarantee, applicable in all circumstances (excluding covid)

The campsite’s own ZEN cancellation guarantee is taken out at the time of booking for 3% of your stay. It remains optional.

If the customer decides not to take out this insurance, he/she will not be entitled to any refund in the event of cancellation. All cancellation requests must be made by e-mail only.

The amount paid will be reimbursed as follows:

  • 100% more than 30 days before the start of your stay (non-refundable booking fee and cancellation guarantee).
  • 50% more than 15 days before the start date of your stay, (non-refundable booking fees and cancellation guarantee).
  • 25% more than 7 days before the start date of your stay (non-refundable booking fee and cancellation guarantee).
  • Less than 7 days before the start date of your stay, the sums remain acquired by the Camping.

Conditions applicable to the cancellation guarantee: Serious illness, death of a member