The family history of
Camping Cala Gogo

Camping Cala-Gogo is a family adventure spanning several generations. Discover how the Heger family, with their Dutch and German roots, turned their passion for camping into a thriving business.

From its humble beginnings with Jean Heger touring Europe in a caravan, to the acquisition and management of the renowned 5-star Saint-Cyprien campsite, every step of our journey is a story of innovation, perseverance and a deep love of camping.

Discover the rich heritage and values that have shaped the Cala-Gogo of today.

Origins and initial development

Thestory of our Camping begins with our Dutch great-grandparents and German grandparents, laying the foundations for a family passion for camping.

Jean Heger, the patriarch, first travelled with his own caravan as part of his work in oil drilling, before starting up a caravan sales business in Alsace in 1972. This period marks the beginning of our involvement in the world of Camping.

Argeles sur mer photo of the origins

Expansion and innovation in Camping

A major turning point came in 1977. He meets with his first works council, with whom he installs caravans and awnings at campsites on the Mediterraneanand Atlantic coasts . It was the beginning of the era of social camping vacations.

Jean Marie’s arrival in the company in 1986 and Jean and Lucienne’s move to Argelès-sur-Mer in the south of France marked a new impetus. This was a period of sustained growth and constant development for the company.

In 1986, when Jean Marie joined the company and demand for mobile homes was so strong, Jean and Lucienne decided to move to Argelès-sur-Mer in the south of France. In 1991, we set up a mobile home rental company. This was a period of sustained growth and constant development for the company.

family beach recolored photo archive

Family development and buying campsites

The family grew with the arrival of Laurence in 1994, and continued to prosper with the purchase of the first Camping in Soulac sur Mer in 1997, managed by Jean’s daughter Patricia and her husband Eric.

The purchase of a campsite in Elne near St Cyprien in 2006, managed by Jean, Jean Marie and Laurence, and the arrival of Jean Marc in the family, illustrate the continuity and strengthening of the camping business.

Camping Cala-Gogo, a new chapter

The purchase of Camping Cala-Gogo in 2014, after more than two decades of collaboration, opens an exciting new chapter in our family’s history.

From now on, the management of the Cala-Gogo campsite will be at the heart of our activities, separating us from the other two establishments.

We are constantly committed to offering quality vacations, with a balance between mobile homes and traditional pitches for tents, caravans and motorhomes, to the delight of our French and foreign customers.

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