The Vermeille coast, rocky and full of fish, is famous for the beauty and richness of its seabed. Between wrecks, coralligenous areas, holes, screes and other rock shelters, renowned diving spots are numerous. Enjoy a stay in Saint-Cyprien to introduce you to diving! On the port, between the captaincy and the Yacht Club, the team of Lagune Plongée offers boat trips around Collioure and supervised diving sessions: baptisms, initiations, discovery courses, and snorkeling at the meeting of a colorful and diversified marine life: colorful sponges, groupers, lobsters, white sea fans, sea urchins and starfish rub shoulders with many rock fish and open-water species.

Thanks to the partnership with Lagune Plongée, you can enjoy an introduction to swimming pool diving in our facilities (at a price of 20 euros). For 69 euros per person (65 for children), the team of the diving club offers a double offer of initiation in the pool followed by a trip to the sea. For a gentle approach to diving, followed by an unforgettable experience !

Information on 04 68 21 07 12. Do not hesitate to contact us for any information, we will have the pleasure to inform you.

From our campsite in Saint Cyprien, you will not have time to get bored. So try scuba diving and try new sensations, whether you’re with friends or family. You will live a unique experience, guaranteed sensations!