Excursion to Perthus and the Eastern Pyrenees

The weekly program of excursions is presented by the reception of the Saint Cyprien campsite in April, May, June and September: walk to the Spanish Perthus, visit of cellars in the area…

No need to bring his vehicle, you will be transported by the bus of Cala gogo.

Separated from Spain by the Pyrenees and bordered on the east by the Mediterranean, the eastern Pyrenees offer an extraordinary variety of landscapes, from the beaches of the coast to the mountains of Cerdanya.

A land known for its vineyards and orchards, guarded by a mythical peak, the Canigou. A land of light where art flourishes through Romanesque chapels and citadels, with also Collioure, cradle of Fauvism, Perpignan capital of the kings of Majorca, Céret and its Museum of Modern Art, Amélie-les-bains and its spa… So many sites and history that can be discovered on an excursion in Languedoc Roussillon.

Therefore, we have prepared a wide range of excursions to help you discover our beautiful region.

Discover the Eastern Pyrenees by bus

From the Albères Massif to the Vallespir Mountains, the Catalan Pyrenees offer beautiful walks in an unspoiled natural environment to the Perthus Pass…. and the famous village of the same name.

A unique case since the 17th century, this small town forms the border between France and Spain. In Catalan, Perthus means “port” and evokes the commercial vocation of the place because you only have to cross the street to change land!

On the program: discovery, tasting and shopping

Throughout the year, Europeans stop by the Perthus to make inexpensive purchases.

It is true that there are many stores where you can get supplies at reasonable prices, often cheaper than in France. Cosmetics, electronics, perfumery, leather goods, clothing, eyewear, luggage, Spanish regional products, not to mention the inevitable alcohol and tobacco…. there is something for everyone.

For example, you can find branded sportswear, jerseys from top teams and you can also enjoy tattooing in good hygienic conditions, but at half the price!

And if you sometimes encounter a few street vendors and fakes, many major brands are present, including Desigual, Mango, Marionnaud, etc.

The best value for money often relates to cosmetics (shampoos, soaps, makeup) and perfumery.

On the food side, one appreciates discovering the best Spanish delicacies and being able to buy holiday-flavored Mediterranean wines and aperitifs in bulk (Marsala, sangria, americana, muscat, port, muscat…).

To eat at Perthus, you can choose from a wide range of products and the quality is usually there for a modest price. Traditional French and Spanish restaurants, tapas bar, cafeterias, snacks and free street buffets offer sunny cuisine.

Many people like the benefits of Perthus’ large malls and lively shopping streets.

A tourist day but at peace!

As you can imagine, the Perthus attracts many people. It is true that the entrance is sometimes long and there are often traffic jams, not to mention the passage through the customs post.

The village at the foot of the mountains offers only a few parking spaces and they are not free. Parking can look like a (small) obstacle course and the alleys are steep anyway.

With all this in mind, we have thought of organizing excursions for our residents where you will be taken on our comfortable bus.

In April, May, June and September, we offer a weekly trip to the Perthus with a visit to nearby wineries.

With the guidance of our team, you can make the most of this busy day and even return home tired and with your arms full of packages.

Perthus and its surroundings, a hidden gem worth visiting.

There are many places to see and visit around Perthus and precisely in the Eastern Pyrenees. Whether you enjoy hiking or biking, the Perthus is a region with 9 hidden gems waiting to be discovered and visited. Check out the best places to visit in the region on one website – and plan your next adventure.

The famous Perthus hike, no doubt: hiking is fun. Especially in a region like the Perthus where there is so much to explore. You can choose from a total of 8 long-distance hiking trails. To get an idea of some of the highlights, have an overview of the best hikes in the region beforehand.

You will definitely get a taste of the best activities in Le Perthus, Spain. Whether you’re vacationing with friends or family.

Have you ever visited a new place that really dazzled you? For many visitors, this happens on the Perthus. Perthus may not be as popular as other cities in Spain, but make no mistake. It is a smaller but sufficiently beautiful tourist destination worth visiting. You will be surprised by some unique things to do and places to explore in this hidden destination.

You may want to come back one day, take a break and relax at the Perthus. If you plan to visit Spain and include the Perthus in your itinerary. You will have so much to do in and around Perthus.