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Perhaps you’re looking for a campsite near Palau del Vidre in the Pyrénées Orientales on the Mediterranean coast?

Just 11 km from Camping Cala-Gogo, the village of Palau-del-Vidre is another of the places of interest in the Pyrénées-Orientales. Set against a backdrop of mountains, this typical village on the Roussillon plain, whose history is linked to that of the Knights Templar, has preserved the remains of its fortifications.

Mobile home rental near Palau-del-Vidre

From your mobile home in the campsite near Palau del Vidre, the typical villages of the Roussillon plain are within easy reach: just 11 km from your vacation destination, Palau-del-Vidre is a former stronghold of the Templars. At once lively and untouched by the crowds of seaside resorts, the town retains its medieval charm. It’s an invigorating destination for an excursion during your stay in Saint-Cyprien.

Once a glassmaking village, it is now home to glass workshops and arts and crafts stores. Accessible in 20 minutes by car or 40 minutes by bike, Palau-del-Vidre is also the place to find authentic souvenirs to bring back from your vacation at our campsite in Saint-Cyprien!

Tourism in Palau-del-Vidre

Quiet and charming, the village of Palau-del-Vidre was built around the medieval church of Saint-Sébastien, the former hall of a castle that no longer exists. The remains of the walls that protected the heart of the village are still visible today.

The village’s architectural heritage also includes the Romanesque chapel of Saint-Pierre de Vilaclara, attached to the Château de Villeclare: this imposing 12ᵉ century building and its grounds are now part of a renowned wine estate.

Palau-del-Vidre is famous for its glassworks: a historic glassmaking village until the 16ᵉ century, Palau has indeed revived its traditions during the 20ᵉ century.

The village’s workshops offer demonstrations of glassblowing and sculpture. Other craftsmen use glass for their creations. The banks of Lac Sant Marti are ideal for walks: with Mont Canigou as a backdrop, this stretch of freshwater is a fisherman’s paradise.

Model ship enthusiasts regularly launch their aircraft here. The area around the lake is designed for walkers and cyclists. In the center of the lake, a peninsula shelters a picnic and leisure area.

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