Camping with swimming pool
in Argelès sur Mer

Our Argelès-sur-Mer campsite, with its 600 m² water park, is the perfect place to recharge your batteries, relax or have fun. The swimming pool, a traditional rectangular pool, is dedicated to swimmers, swimming laps in invigorating water. And the campsite’s biggest advantage is its heated swimming pool. At the 5-star Camping Saint-Cyprien, you’re just 7 km from the city center and all its activities. This makes it the ideal campsite with a water park for your stay in Argeles sur Mer.

espace aquatique camping perpignan

Water park Argelès-sur-Mer

Lying in temperate water in the off-season, while the air temperature remains cool, is paradise. The water jets, the water mushroom and the gentle slope at the bottom of the pool will appeal to the whole family during your stay in Argeles-sur-mer.

The family can indulge in the pleasures of the water, without being surprised by the freshness of the water. (reminder: swimming shorts and Bermuda shorts are not permitted).

As soon as you arrive in the South of France in the Pyrénées-Orientales, the program is set: put on your swimsuit, dive into the heated water, relax, you’re there. The palm trees and Mediterranean plants lining the pool will transport you to a distant dream, lying on your towel.

For vacations with family or friends, with a water park for all, the Cala-Gogo, 7 minutes from the village of Argeles-sur-Mer, is the perfect village club for accommodation in Argeles-sur-Mer at the best price. Close to some of the must-see sites in the Eastern Pyrenees, the Camping has a water park for the more sporty and for relaxation and fun. To each his own rhythm, to each his own vacation.

A paddling pool for the little ones

The paddling pool (low water level) allows younger children to cool off in complete safety under the supervision of an accompanying adult.

For the well-being of all our little ones, the water is heated. The mini-slide with its water bucket or machine gun will get the whole family laughing.

Set up a few meters from the pool, get out the camera and be a spectator.

Water activities at Camping Cala-Gogo near Argelès-sur-Mer

The water park at the Camping near Argelès-sur-Mer offers a wide range of swimming activities in various pools and paddling pools, with or without slides and fun games.

In the mornings of July and August, you’ll be able to enjoy the most popular activity of all holidaymakers. After the muscular awakening supervised by our entertainers, it’s time for sports and fun activities for children and teenagers, including water polo matches and an introduction to scuba diving…

You can perfect your crawl, relax stretched out in the water, have fun with your children, splash around in the water jets or slide down the small slide in the heated paddling pool. There’s a wide range of water activities to choose from.

children's pool

Camping Argelès-sur-Mer with heated swimming pool

The aquatic area is a particularly popular place for relaxation and recreation, with several swimming areas for young and old. These include heated pools, slides and whirlpools.

Whether you want to swim a few laps or relax after a busy day, the heated pool welcomes you at any time of day.

The solarium is another popular relaxation area for holidaymakers. They can enjoy precious moments of relaxation on the deckchairs, in the shade of the straw huts, which form the perfect backdrop for the pool area and, more generally, the water park.

Camping Argelès with waterslide in Pyrénées-Orientales, France

Children are not left out when it comes to the facilities available in the water park. Camping Le Cala Gogo is one of the few campsites with a heated paddling pool. The aquatic area also includes a waterslide where you can have a good laugh and splash around.

In July and August, the campsite staff supervise children’s swimming in the paddling pool and on the slide, so that they can have fun and cool off in complete safety. This does not exempt parents from respecting the facility’s rules and regulations, particularly as regards the aquatic area. So the presence of an accompanying adult is always required while children play in the bathing areas reserved for them.

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